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Hey folks, You people are awesome, and so is my new YouTube channel, because, it focus on your empowerment and dream accomplishment.

My desire is to help students, professionals, and entrepreneurs grow by harnessing the power of learning to skyrocket their success in every challenging field.

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Women Empowerment is a way to Gender Equality

Girls can do anything. Unfortunately the dream of Malala Yousafzai is still incomplete. In Pakistan, a large percentage of girls cannot even join or finish a primary school. Women empowerment and female education can reduce the gender inequality gap in Paksitan.

So Power Up girls, its your life, your time, your world. Show the world what you can do. Here is your motivational booster by Canadian singer Shania Twain.


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Ideas to Build a Better Pakistan

Criteria for a better country

Before discussing “ideas to build a better Pakistan”, we should first identify the criteria for what is it that makes a country better place to live?. On the basis of these criteria, we can say that Pakistan is a better country to live in. In my opinion, a better country is the place which can provide the basic needs to all of its citizens like food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare and job opportunities. All these things are essential for human survival and prosperity in the modern world. Therefore if a country cannot provide these basic needs to its citizens, then it is still backward and poorly developed.

Way forward for a better Pakistan:

The idea of prosperity is a broad one; however for a developing and struggling country like Pakistan, there can be various progressive ideas to transform Pakistan into a developed state, a few honorable mentions are:

Developing the Agriculture and Taxation Structure

We should improve our agriculture sector to get maximum out of our fertile lands and maximize the exports to enhance foreign exchange reserves. This goal is achievable by installing the advanced cutting edge technology, by value adding to raw materials and allocating more budget to agricultural development.

Moreover, by lowering taxes burden on an ordinary man and streamlining the tax collection procedure, the country head in a right direction.

Proper Allocation of Resources

Pakistan is blessed with abundant natural and human resources. Equal distribution of resources and proper management and utilization of human resources can give us a better future.

Public Policy Reforms

We should formulate researched base public policy; research is very significant in formulating policy. Because it saves money, time and gives the best result. And then there will be little space for failure.

Focus on Alternative Energy

Instead of relying on expensive energy, Pakistan should opt for other cheap alternatives. Solar energy and wind energy are the best options. For the development of industrialization, energy is one of the essential factors, which can boost the development and can also provide thousands of jobs to increase per capita income of people.

Educational Reforms

Free and basic education is the right of every citizen. And it is obligatory on the state to give it to its citizens. Education is a critical factor in the progress of a country. It influences the social and economic life of a nation. And open new doors of opportunities and can face the challenges.

Improvement of Healthcare Facilities

According to W. Churchill, “healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” The state should provide Free and better-quality health care system for the poor public. Although healthy food and clean environment should be the part of a good health care system, which is far more necessary because it saves us from diseases.

Employment Creation

Last but not the least, equal job opportunities for all the citizen, is an essential duty of a better progressive country. Because unemployment is a state, which can force people for criminal acts for fulfilling their basic needs. Therefore,   it will destroy the peace in our already chaotic society.


Every person can contribute towards the social and economic development of the country; the time is now to join hands with government to start propelling Pakistan on the right track to achieve Sustainable Development Goals SDGs. But one must realize that only ideas are not enough to achieve development goals, we should turn our ideas in practical actions. Only then our contribution will bring around positive changes in the society which will assist in building a better Pakistan. Once Pakistan on its way towards peace and prosperity, the sustainable development will be endless, and Pakistan will be included in the list of developed countries inshallah.


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Powerful ways to get a dream job in 90 days….My new book..

hello job seekers !

I have just finished and produced the electronic versiton of my brand new mind blowing career enhancement ebook called “Powerful ways to get a dream job in 90 days”.

Here is the sneak preview chapter free for all of you.

YOUR MIND…………………….
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(About me and this book)
CONGRADULATIONS! You have made the right choice for your future by getting your hands on this
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You are reading this because you are on your way to get a real job, hopefully your dream job in your
dream organization. That is a very good dream. The best news is that your dream is about to become
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this book to your self.
I have compiled very simple techniques here that anyone can use and understand. No other book will
present such a clear picture of hidden strategies that can diminish joblessness and frustration forever in
a practical way. The global economy is getting horrible day by day, millions of people spend many
years of their lives simply getting nowhere. They find themselves stuck in debt, dead end jobs and a
career that has no joy. The reason is simply because they don’t use the successful secrets in their lives
to accomplish better level.
Now a little about me, I possess two master degrees and still not done with my educational goals. I hold
local / foreign certifications in my specific field of interest, have attended many career enhancement
courses, seminars, webminars, job fairs and teleconferences. I possess 7 years of multinational
organizations experience. There are other career Guru’s out there who can charge you heavy fee for just
one hour of consultation but will not completely enable you to project yourself in a specific direction
which my book here will do.
In my early career, I was not very happy as I am because there was always something vital missing in
my capabilities that can land me to deserving career path. By being almost frustrated many times, I was
searching for something truly affective that can transform me into a powerhouse of attraction for the
hiring managers and executives. My vast study and research has enabled me to develop a “formula for
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Just as in my case, this book will definitely change your whole life and the way you feel about your
This book is totally based on my personal learning and experiences, this does not include any material
you will find in any self help or career guidance books in the market because they all cover the pretty
much same topics, not the real secrets that can actually get the job of your desire.
These secrets take years to learn, as I have spent so many years of my early career struggling and
learning. yet doing so many things could never get me to a place where I have always wanted to be. If
you are someone who is struggling, yearning for more in life and career or just a manager looking
forward to excel in your already good job, these practical techniques are going to be fun for you to
apply and the result will be amazing, within 90 days. This book will teach you to get hired straight, not
teling you to do the impossible things for getting a dream job.
After you have graduated successfully or just looking for some extra cash with your study, you need to
be focused very seriously in a direction that does not frustrate you or waste your valuable years. Job
searching around the world is not an easy task physically and emotionally when you are ill prepared.
Especially in the times of financial crisis, it’s hard to keep your senses together. So this book will help
you gain confidence over yourself during this tough task. Chances are you will never find any other
book of this kind in the market or libraries, I wrote it with passion and I am confident of seeing the
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Now lets go to the first chapter and start the journey to success right away…….Your dream job is
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Know yourself and Set Goals
First of all, you need to know who you are and where you stand? Doing well starts with knowing
yourself and your talents. This book is all about polishing your talents in the right direction to give you
a confident start to a job search. Read ahead!!
“Goals are daydream if not taken proper action towards them”
Brian Tracy-American top career coach
Therefore, if you want to be successful in job or career, you need to realign your mind and set realistic
goals for yourself. Here I am talking about the career goals. The stages and positions you want to
achieve in your career. What level of employment standard do you set for yourself and how to take
action to achieve your aim.
If you are not getting the right job or any job at all, you first of all need to look inside yourself and
determine all the weak points that are the reason for your resentment and rejection. You need a change.
Something is not right, and you feel unsettled. This is not how life is supposed to be. You need to start
over. But what exactly does this mean? Some will advise you to throw out the good with the bad, the
manageable with the unmanageable, in the name of a fresh start.
At a present situation, you are in a certain state of mind that is shaped by your personal, family and
environmental beliefs, your culture, norms and values. You may need to start over mentally. This can
range from changing how you approach only one aspect of life, to changing your entire mental
approach to life. If your thoughts are defeating you, change what you think. Believe in yourself and
that God will never waste your talents, you will find a new bright light of hope towards your goal.
Get Rid of Negativity, find a new YOU!
As an adult, if you do not change these negative beliefs, or if you accept all other opinions as correct,
you will find your life needs a change. Deep inside, you are not happy. You need to know your life
has purpose, you have great talent waiting to be developed, and you are valuable to the world and to
God. You need to gain confidence and to make conscious choices to dismiss those who do not hold
authority in your life. You need to start over.

Email me to super charge your career at any level by applying my guru techniques.

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5 Fat-Loss Myths That Are Stopping Your Progress COLD

5  Fat-Loss Myths That Are Stopping Your Progress COLD

These five fat-loss lies have been around for years and believing them could be making
YOUR fat-loss program a lot less effective. Time to blast them out
of the water and get your fat-burning back on track!

Fat-loss is a topic that is just rife with myths, misconceptions, incorrect beliefs and outright lies! Here are five common fat-loss myths that could be holding you back from achieving the fast, effective fat-loss your body is actually capable of.

Fat-Loss Myth #1 – Diets Don’t Work

Diets actually quite often DO work (even the Hollywood South Beach Crab Taco Cookie Diet). It’s just what happens AFTER the diet finishes that’s the problem. The metabolism has been slowed down by prolonged low caloric intake without proper training. And then when the person goes back to their “normal” eating, they go back to their NORMAL eating…the eating that added the extra fat in the first place.

I look at a “diet” as a tool and it’s a tool that can be used short-term for a specific purpose.

The LIFESTYLE is what you do when you’re not on a specific diet and THAT is where people generally go wrong and then blame the diet.

Fat-Loss Myth #2 – Eating Very Low-Calorie is Bad For Fat Loss

Another outright myth…eating very low calories (and even complete fasting) can be very GOOD for fat loss. It creates a much bigger caloric deficit, which in turn forces the body to rely on stored fat for energy.

The trick here is that you don’t want to eat very low-calorie like that for LONG…never more than a few days. When you eat very low-calorie for long stretches, THAT is when you run into trouble with metabolic slowdown.

A few days here and there can be a nice kick-start to get fat-loss moving again…just don’t fall in love with the results of a few days and keep doing it too long!

Fat-Loss Myth #3 – “I Want To Get Toned”

NO training is going to get you “toned” because that doesn’t exist. Getting “toned” simply means building muscle and burning fat. You can’t tone a muscle any more than you can paint a cloud. You have to build the muscle to have it and you have burn the fat so you can see it.

“Toning,” to me, is simply a way of describing ineffective training. It’s a person picking up a weight that is not challenging to their muscles and lifting it just enough to completely avoid any discomfort.

And then they wonder why they’re not “toned up” and quit doing anything altogether because they didn’t see any results.

So that’s my public service announcement for the day. Don’t tone…LIFT! And be proud of the muscle you have…it’s what gives your body actual SHAPE and what makes you look like a healthy human being!

Fat-Loss Myth #4 – High-Rep Light Weight Training is the Best Training Style to Burn Fat

Here’s the thing…light weight, high-rep training CAN be effective for burning fat while preserving muscle IF you do it correctly. If you flail around and don’t push yourself, you won’t see results.

In my experience, the BEST training style for fat-loss is a mix of heavier training, to preserve mass and strength, and lighter, high-rep training that focuses on Lactic Acid accumulation.

When Lactic Acid accumulates in the body, this changes the acidity (the pH) in the bloodstream. Your body reacts to this by secreting Growth Hormone, which is a potent fat-burning and muscle-preserving hormone.

The key to achieving THAT result is that you have to push yourself. This isn’t light-weight EASY high-rep training that accomplishes nothing. This is HARD light-weight, high-rep training that burns while you’re doing it, prolongs that burn then makes you end your sets because you can’t hold onto the weight any longer.

THAT is effective high-rep training for fat loss.

Fat-Loss Myth #5 – To Lose Fat You Have to Totally Deprive Yourself of the Foods You Love

Totally wrong. You DO have to CONTROL yourself and not let food control you, but the LAST thing you want to have in your head while you’re dieting is that you’ll never be able to eat the foods you love again.

Because when you starting thinking about that, that is ALL you will be thinking about.

And that is where the concept of the “cheat meal” or “free meal” comes in. When you’re on a fat-loss program, you actually SHOULD have a cheat meal where you eat those foods that you LOVE to eat but are probably terrible for you :). The key is that you PLAN when you eat these foods – you don’t ever let it happen by accident.

A planned cheat is light-years different than giving in to a craving and blowing your diet. A planned cheat puts YOU in control of your food intake.

And the cool thing is, when you’ve been on a restricted eating plan for awhile, that cheat meal will actually SPUR fat loss! I ALWAYS include cheat meals in every fat-loss program I write. You need it mentally and you benefit tremendously from it physically.

–When it comes right down to it, knowledge is power. The more you know about effective fat-loss, the more effective your fat-loss programs will be!

Now go ahead and grab your gift here without delay.


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Dear Readers

Let me start over with this quote from a legendary rock star: Just as Jesus created wine from water,
we humans are capable of transmuting
emotion into music.”
~ Carlos Santana ~

Music is well said to be the speech of angels, a melody that penetrates deep inside our souls to relieve us from anger, disgust and frustration. Music is no longer a hobby; it’s a
craze all over the world now. Music holds an immensely powerful influence over the brain and yet few workplaces benefit from musical sounds .But im not talking about all
types of music here.Im talking about the music that inspires you from within, music that calm your thinking and develop courage again to fight back.

Music listening depends on your mood. You can choose a lot of music like pop,rock,hip hop,dance,disco,reggae,techno,classic,country,folk,hard rock and heavy metal (not to mention death metal for good purposes). Most forms normally sound fun at good times,
but when you need something for your heart and soul, nothing rocks you like a soft mellow classical tune. I personally feel along with many others that listening to right music can uplift and inspire you, releasing deep joy or even deep sadness.

There fore I have made a list of inspirational songs to boost you up while study or work. The purpose is not to engage you into music activity, but to uplift yourself when you find
no fun in studies. It worked for me; it will definitely work for you as well.

1. The reason hoobastank
2. Hold the dream Firehouse
3. Lay it on the line Giant
4. Shine your light Roxette
5. In God we trust Stryper
6. The Final Countdown Europe
7. Its my life Bon Jov i
8. We weren’t born to follow Bon Jovi
9. Keep the faith Bon Jovi
10. I keep hoping Foreigner
11. Eye of the tiger survivor
12. One clear voice Peter Cetera
13. Get over it The Eagle s
14. Love will keep us alive The eagles
15. Take me to your heart MLTR
16. Love yourself eminem
17. Return to innocence Enigma
18. Alone Hea rt
19. Up up up Shania twain
20. Im Alive Celine Dion

……and the list goes on.

To your success

Coach Faisal

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Write to me direct if you need more free gifts like this !!

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