Dear Readers

Let me start over with this quote from a legendary rock star: Just as Jesus created wine from water,
we humans are capable of transmuting
emotion into music.”
~ Carlos Santana ~

Music is well said to be the speech of angels, a melody that penetrates deep inside our souls to relieve us from anger, disgust and frustration. Music is no longer a hobby; it’s a
craze all over the world now. Music holds an immensely powerful influence over the brain and yet few workplaces benefit from musical sounds .But im not talking about all
types of music here.Im talking about the music that inspires you from within, music that calm your thinking and develop courage again to fight back.

Music listening depends on your mood. You can choose a lot of music like pop,rock,hip hop,dance,disco,reggae,techno,classic,country,folk,hard rock and heavy metal (not to mention death metal for good purposes). Most forms normally sound fun at good times,
but when you need something for your heart and soul, nothing rocks you like a soft mellow classical tune. I personally feel along with many others that listening to right music can uplift and inspire you, releasing deep joy or even deep sadness.

There fore I have made a list of inspirational songs to boost you up while study or work. The purpose is not to engage you into music activity, but to uplift yourself when you find
no fun in studies. It worked for me; it will definitely work for you as well.

1. The reason hoobastank
2. Hold the dream Firehouse
3. Lay it on the line Giant
4. Shine your light Roxette
5. In God we trust Stryper
6. The Final Countdown Europe
7. Its my life Bon Jov i
8. We weren’t born to follow Bon Jovi
9. Keep the faith Bon Jovi
10. I keep hoping Foreigner
11. Eye of the tiger survivor
12. One clear voice Peter Cetera
13. Get over it The Eagle s
14. Love will keep us alive The eagles
15. Take me to your heart MLTR
16. Love yourself eminem
17. Return to innocence Enigma
18. Alone Hea rt
19. Up up up Shania twain
20. Im Alive Celine Dion

……and the list goes on.

To your success

Coach Faisal


About Faisal Sheikh

An aspiring and passionate writer for websites and blogs. 2 years of Content writing experience with published books on Amazon. Creative writing, seo writing, content marketing, blogs, articles and website content for local and foreign websites.
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