Dear Readers,
Recently during fulfilling my burning desire to acquire the valuable knowledge to help you out, I have
been heart touched by some secrets of discovering our inner passion and eliminating the curse of fear from your life. Let me share with you how?
In this short lifetime we have, let me show you how important it is to find our passion and what it does for us….By finding your passion you’re not only helping yourself, but others as well. This journey can be scary, but ultimately the reward you will get is MORE
than worth it. But the scariest killer for your passion is FEAR.

The Problem:

Normally we live with different fears like: Fear of the Unknown, Fear of Failure, Fear of what others might think, Fear of Insecurity and even, fear of death. We all want security and guarantees, but in reality they do not exist. They are illusions. The human brain is smart, but it can get you in trouble. If you got hurt by a cat at the age of 7, you may think cats are bad and dangerous. Let me give you insight on how fear can be faced and banished.

The Remedy:

Infact, Fear is the absence of faith, the faith in GOD. Faith is the bright white light inside your heart and soul that enlightens everything around you. According to the mind gurus,”Fear no evil, because there is nothing to fear but fear. Itself”. When you fear an evil, the evil makes you a target and drag you deeper in despair.Therefore.In the holy books like Quran and Bible, the evil satan is just explained as an “immature punk”.(A punk is a
nonsense child who does not know his direction or place).So when you surrender to God, he takes away your fear. You feel light, ready to fly like a bird!

So being miserable and making excuses and cursing everyone does not help. Being thankful and focusing on the positive things you choose your reaction. Fear doesn’t
necessarily have to control you. Be honest, face your fears.

“Control your anger before it controls you, a person who cannot control himself cannot control others”—Bertrand Russell.

Losing a loved one is painful and fearful as well. People come and go, especially if you decide to start growing spiritually and follow your passion in life. Don’t worry; you will attract new people that are a better match for you. Maybe the ones you wished to be with forever aren’t good enough to deserve you. hats why they are not in your life now.

Now it is up to you to create the life you want for yourself, by saying goodbye to fear. I’m not saying things will magically change at once. You have to work hard really. But something interesting happens when you eliminate the option of giving up. You’re committed and suddenly everyone wants to help you. Even the universe conspires to help you succeed.

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To your Success,

Coach Faisal

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Dear Readers

I will start my article with the following verse from Quran:

“(Surah Rehman) He is Allah who makes you alive again in the morning after you sleep,
so how many blessing of HIM you will Deny?”

The purpose of writing this article for me is to help you improve your life and whatever
work you do. My goal Is to provide you the insight that will open the positive doors of your mind and guide you in a direction which every human being need for success.

Life is given and taken by God (Allah) only. So we are his property, he owns us.
Life is the most precious gift we all have from God. We being alive is a proof that God has a plan for us all.

Don’t say you’re not important, It simply isn’t true. The path may seem unclear right now, But one day you will see it. Everything happens for a reason. God is the writer of
the book called LIFE. Each day that you are living, was written long ago. God only writes best sellers, so be proud of who you are, your character is important, in this book, you are the ‘Star’, hero of your story and the soldier of fortune.

I see many people daily who complain, complain about their bosses, complain about their friends, complain about their environment and worse, complain about themselves.
What you must realize is that complaining is just a waste of time. You must realize the power God gave you. And that power is your brain. Yes! Your mind has it all. The first
thing to realize is that if in your life, in your current situation, you don’t like “what is,” that’s okay. That may be your current “truth.” But realize that it’s only the truth because you created it.
It can and will change, only if you are willing to take action.
If you are upset, you are choosing to be upset. If you are excited,you are choosing to be excited. Remember, no one can affect how you feel unless you allow them to. The moment you realize this, you can choose to feel differently.
In fact, some of the greatest companies in the world were built by men who were motivated to get back at their ex-companies for firing them.

Now I will give you some inspirational examples.
The most famous example is what Lee Iacocca did when Henry Ford 11 fired him, he simply left and joined a rivalmotor company (Chrysler), turned that ailing company into a direct rival and competitor of Ford.
Pakistani Squash Legend Jahangir Khan was so weak physically that he was told not to take part in sports due to fitness threat. He later on rise up to prove them wrong by
becoming the greatest of all time champions in the history of game..

Steve Jobs (Founder and CEO of Apple Macintosh),was a college dropout, repeatedly fired from his own company due to extraordinary genius, had lived as a homeless
teenager, used to walk 7 miles just to get one good meal in a week, currently emerged as the top businessmen and technology leader in the computing industry.

Remember, “Difficulties in life are intended to make us better not bitter.”
— Dan Reeves, Football Coach

Conclusion: The conclusion of this article is to help you discover your inner strengths and to make you realize that you must take the responsibility to whatever happens in
your life. If life is good, you are responsible, if life is bad, you are responsible also. So learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself and others.infact, forgiveness is the
attribute of strong, not weak! So the time is NOW! Take action now! Tomorrow will never come if you do not start NOW!

If you start doing what I am telling you to do, then at the end of the day, when you go to sleep, you will be surely saying, ” Thank you God for Making me Myself”.

To your success.


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Why do we need life coaching

Do you want to be more successful in your life?
– Do you want to achieve your goals and live your dreams?
If your answer is YES, then my blog website is just designed for you!


I love life coaching because i believe through my observations,teachings and experiences that we have the power to control whatever we dont like in our lives.
I do coaching because i have had these beyond ordinary experiences which have lead me to follow a path of self transformation,which i believe can be shared with millions to create a different existence we deserve.

In this great venture of soul searching and rediscovering your inner true self,you can apply some simple easy techniques based on universal laws to completely change your view of the world and vice versa.


To your Success,


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Your Dream life Blog

Welcome to my Blog folks!

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
— Benjamin Franklin, Inventor

You are here because you love reading yourself to prosperity and happiness.My blog has it all you need to create a mindset and life for turning dreams into reality.

Here you will find some refreshing new stuff about personal development and creation of a wonder life of your dreams.So welcome aboard and hop along reading my posts.

To your success

God Bless us all!!

Coach Faisal

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